NRC Call For Nominations

The NRC needs your help — and your state’s recycling and organics leaders could win!  If you wouldn’t mind considering putting a notification in your newsletter or email distribution about the NRC’s Call for Award Nominations, we would so appreciate it!  The application notice is attached (due 6/30/17), or a shorter blurb is below.

We also ask for YOUR personal help in helping us identify winners from your state’s award program this year or last year.  We think the best candidates for national awards are state winners — and what program wouldn’t like TWO awards!?  We would love a list of strong candidates or links to lists of your winners. 

Summary for release (if the attachment is too long!):  The NRC has released its “Call for 2017 Award Nominations”, awarding outstanding diversion programs in categories including business, non-profit, community/government, higher education, leadership, state recycling organization, and lifetime achievement.  The submittal form is located at:

The deadline is June 30!  Contact or 303/494-1178 with questions.

Thank you very much!