Title Name Representation Phone Email Tenure
Board Member Travis Evans, TriHydro, Sheridan Wyoming Industry 888-842-1325 tevans@wswra.com 2022-2025
Treasurer Eric Graney, Inberg- Miller, Casper Wyoming Professional Engineer 307-856-8136 egraney@wswra.com 2022-2025
Board Member Craig McOmie, Wyoming DEQ, Casper Wyoming WDEQ 307-473-3487 cmcomie@wswra.com Annual Appt.
Board Member Mike Ragsdale City/County 307-996-6074 msragsdale@rtconnect.net 2021-2024
Board Member Ron Taylor, Uinta County Evanston Wyoming City/County 307-783-0509 rtaylor@wswra.com 2023-2026
Board Member Allen Griffin, City of Powell Wyoming Member-at-Large agriffin@cityofpowell.com 2022-2025
President Jerry Hamel, Pawnee Waste Laramie Wyoming. Member-at-Large 307-399-8268 jhamel@wswra.com 2023-2026
Board Member Michael McAllester, Baggs Wyoming. Diversion / Recycling mmcallister@wswra.com 2023-2026
Secretary, Board Member Sally Penton, Sublette County Wyoming. Diversion / Recycling swight@wswra.com 2021-2024
Executive Director Beau Peck WSWRA 801-381-3990 bpeck@wswra.com Annual Appointment

Meet Your WSWRA Board:

Travis Evans: 

Travis served three years as President of WSWRA, and is the Past President and current board member of WSWRA.  Travis is an Engineering Specialist at Trihydro.







Eric Graney:

Eric is the Treasurer of WSWRA.   Eric is a Hydrogeologist and President at Inberg-Miller Engineers






Craig McOmie:

Craig McOmie is a Board Member for WSWRA.  Craig is a Manager, Landfill Remediation and Cease & Transfer Programs at Wyoming DEQ.






Mike Ragsdale:

Mike Ragsdale is a board member for WSWRA, and is the Manager for the Eastern Laramie County Solid Waste Disposal District in Burns WY.








Ron Taylor:

Wyoming Cattle and Sheep Producer Fifth Generation / Landowner In Milburne WY Homestead act in 1907 my Grandfather Albert Taylor / Lives In Evanston WY / Wife and two kids 6 grandkids.

  • Avid Fly Fishing , Hunting , Mountain Man Rendezvous/ Love fishing on my 20 ft Pontoon boat. Love being a Grandpa
  • Worked for Uinta County for 25 years. Facilities Operation Manager Uinta County.
  • Master Carpenter/ Cabinet builder/ Construction Management
  • Wyoming  Solid Waste Manager for Uinta County Landfills WY 
  • Manager of the Uinta County Youth Camp.
  • Manual /Automation Lock Manager for Uinta County WY
  • Level 2 Water Operation DEQ License
  • WY Dept. Agriculture Commercial Applicators license/Mosquitoes 
  • The reason why WSWRA is important to me is we are working for the future for our kids and community. My quote is “ Take Pride in your work, have courage, and Always work for tomorrow”


Jerry Hamel:

Jerry Hamel is a board member for WSWRA and is the current President of WSWRA for the 22-2023 term.  Jerry is a Manager for Pawnee Waste.







Michael McAllister:

Michael is a board member for WSWRA.  Michael works in Recycling and Solid Waste at the Baggs Solid Waste Disposal District in Baggs WY.








Sally Penton:

Sally is a board member for WSWRA and is serving as the Secretary for WSWRA.  Sally works in recycling for Sublette County at the local Pinedale Recycling Center.






Allen Griffin:

Allen is a board member for WSWRA.  Allen works in Solid Waste with the City of Powell Wyoming, operating the city’s transfer station.







Beau Peck:

Beau Peck is the Executive Director for WSWRA.  Beau works in the recycling industry for the Pro Recycling Group / Interwest Paper, Inc. as the Director of Marketing and Zero Waste Services.