Title Name Representation Phone Email Tenure
President Travis Evans, TriHydro, Sheridan Wyoming Industry 888-842-1325 tevans@wswra.com 2019-2022
Secretary/Treasurer Eric Graney, Inberg- Miller, Casper Wyoming Professional Engineer 307-856-8136 egraney@wswra.com 2019-2022
Board Member Craig McOmie, Wyoming DEQ, Casper Wyoming WDEQ 307-473-3487 cmcomie@wswra.com Annual Appt.
Board Member Andy Frey, Fremont County Solid Waste Lander Wyoming City/County 307-332-7040 afrey@wswra.com 2018-2021
Board Member Ron Taylor, Uinta County Evanston Wyoming City/County 307-783-0509 rtaylor@wswra.com 2020-2023
Board Member Matt Theirault, Cheyenne Member-at-Large 307-673-6439 mtheirault@wswra.com 2019-2022
Board Member Jerry Hamel, Douglas Member-at-Large 307-331-1284 jhamel@wswra.com 2017-2020
Board Member Matt Dillon, Ray Lovato Recycling Center, Rock Springs Wyoming Diversion 307-371-0416 mdillon@wswra.com 2020-2023
Executive Assistant Beau Peck WSWRA 801-381-3990 bpeck@wswra.com Annual Appt.

Meet Your WSWRA Board:

Travis Evans: 

Travis is the Current President of WSWRA.







Eric Graney:

Eric is the Secretary Tresurer of WSWRA. 






Craig McOmie:

Craig McOmie is a Board Member for WSWRA.






Andy Frey:

Andy Frey is a board member for WSWRA, and is the Superintendent for the Fremont County Solid Waste District in Lander / Riverton Wyoming






Ron Taylor:

Wyoming Cattle and Sheep Producer Fifth Generation / Landowner In Milburne WY Homestead act in 1907 my Grandfather Albert Taylor / Lives In Evanston WY / Wife and two kids 6 grandkids.

  • Avid Fly Fishing , Hunting , Mountain Man Rendezvous/ Love fishing on my 20 ft Pontoon boat. Love being a Grandpa
  • Worked for Uinta County for 25 years. Facilities Operation Manager Uinta County.
  • Master Carpenter/ Cabinet builder/ Construction Management
  • Wyoming  Solid Waste Manager for Uinta County Landfills WY 
  • Manager of the Uinta County Youth Camp.
  • Manual /Automation Lock Manager for Uinta County WY
  • Level 2 Water Operation DEQ License
  • WY Dept. Agriculture Commercial Applicators license/Mosquitoes 
  • The reason why WSWRA is important to me is we are working for the future for our kids and community. My quote is “ Take Pride in your work, have courage, Always work for tomorrow”


Matt Theirault:

Matt Theirault is a board member for WSWRA.


Jerry Hamel:

Jerry Hamel is a board member for WSWRA.






Matt Dillon:

Matthew Dillon is my given name, mom and dad thought it would be a great way for people to remember me.  Rock Springs has been my home since birth and I wouldn’t change that for anything (besides Alaska).   The things I like most are making people smile and fishing.   I got into the recycling business all by chance.  I had no knowledge of the industry prior to becoming a manager here at the Ray Lovato Recycling Center.  I lead 6 other people with Checkered pasts, PTSD, domestic violence survivors  and slower functioning  ability’s.  We are social misfits that make a second chance worth fighting for,  not only in recycling but in life.   I feel that the community you live should make ways for the environment to become just as popular as the coffee shop on the corner.  Recycling should be presented in a way that the 5 year old is amazed cause the toy their parents bough was once a milk jug they drank from.  And the 95 year old recycling the ensure bottle just smiles cause who knows how many times it been repurposed but it never seen the landfill and saved that much room for their grandchildren to enjoy.    The center is named after Ray Lovato cause of the great things he did for the less fortunate family’s in the community.  If family’s could not afford rent in low income housing Mr. Lovato let them work at the center and the rent was taken care of.  Only catch was the next person coming thru the door you had to show them the ropes so the center was able run with compassion, love and great full people who other wise didn’t have a chance to make ends meet.   And to me knowing and hearing his sisters and everyone say great things about him  lets me know that my goal of a regional recycling center ran with people from troubled and horrifying past’s is a possible and realistic goal.  And I believe the recidivism rate for repeat offenders would drop with program’s that welcomes them and their past,  instead of blockading them cause of it.

Ray Lovato Recycling Center
100 Sheridan St.
Rock Springs, WY 82901


Beau Peck:

Beau Peck is the Executive Assistant for WSWRA.  Beau works in the recycling industry for Interwest Paper, Inc. as the Director of Marketing and Zero Waste Services.