2016 WSWRA Conference! *********Announces********* Wyomings! "Recycler of the Year" The City of Sheridan's Solid Waste Division has been pursuing a strong recycling program since 2006, really taking off in 2008 when curbside commercial recycling, residential drop-site recycling, and the current green waste collection program were introduced. THEN August 3, 2015, the City introduced residential curbside recycling & converted into a Material Recovery Facility (MRF).

The MRF Facility handles about 10 tons of recyclables per day. In the first 6 months of operations, the tonnage of material recycled increased by 71% over the previous year going from 740 tons to 1,265 tons.

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A great experience together with education! .............................. *******JOIN THE GAMES******* >TRUCK RODEO- Monday............ >GOLF AND MINI GOLF- Tuesday .. >HORSESHOE PITCHING TOURNAMENT- Tuesday evening >FLOAT & FISH THE PLATTE RIVER-Coming early? this event is Sunday Aug. 21st......

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.....the advancement of knowledge in the planning, operation and management of solid waste and recycling systems within the State of Wyoming, thus protecting the health and well-being of Wyoming's residents and resources

Four Reasons to Join Now!

Annual Conference

1The WSWRA conference in late summer features educational opportunities, networking with the people that make solid waste management and recycling programs work in Wyoming, new products and service demonstrations from vendors, updates on regulations and future plans, state certification tests for landfill operators and managers.

Information Sharing

2EPA, DEQ and other grants and funding opportunities are accessible. Members have a networking opportunity to visit with other communities to share proven practices and success with solid waste and recycling organizations.


3Local and state laws affecting solid waste and recycling programs are proposed, critiqued, discussed, and improved in WSWRA workshops and legislative efforts.

High Priority Goals

4To promote safe, efficient and cost-effective management of solid waste including waste
reduction and diversion through recycling and reuse and to encourage partnerships between government and volunteer recycling groups statewide and promote legislation which improves solid waste disposal and recycling opportunities.