2018 Conference Registration & Information

2018 Conference Topics!

The WSWRA Board is planning our 2018 conference, to be held in Casper,WY from August 20 – August 23, 2018.  As part of our planning, we are working to identify specific training and presentation topics which will be of interest to our members.

We have been brainstorming, and have identified the following topics for the conference:

  1. Basic Budgeting for a Landfill;
  2. Permit Review of One or More Landfill Owner’s Permit(s) (what’s included in a landfill permit);
  3. Review of Landfill Offenses/Violations from the Last 2-years of WDEQ Inspections;
  4. Waste Screening at Unlined Landfills;
  5. Dead Animal Disposal;
  6. Mock OSHA Inspections for a Transfer Station and Landfill; and,
  7. Waste Screening for NORM and TENORM.

We are tentatively planning to provide a 1-day (8 hour session) on Tuesday, 8/21/18 on operating landfill equipment.  Wyoming Machinery will be conducting the training.

Also, a 1 or half-day (4 or 8 hour session) training session by McNeillus and CMI-Teco, is tentatively planned for Tuesday, 8/21/18.

Since we are here to serve our members, we are seeking your suggestions.  Please submit your suggestions, using the links below.

Thank you for your help!








 See you in Casper!