2017 Conference Tech-Sessions

Presentations are provided by the presenter and will be posted as they become available


“Automated Scales Lessons Learned” – Kent Jasperson, Teton County and Cindie Langston, City of Casper

“How to Increase Efficiency While Reducing Cost at Low Tonnage Landfills,” Neal Bolton, Blue Ridge Services

“ Lessons Learned in Construction of  Water Balance Cover in Fat Clay,” Joshua Lee, Burns & McDonnell

“Composting Basics,” Dane Buk, Terra Firma

“Emerging Contaminants and Their Occurrence at Landfills,” Fritz Krembs, Trihydro

“Small Community Waste Transfer and Life Cycle Cost Analysis,” Mike Heinstein, Solid Waste Professionals of Wyoming

“Alternative Cover Systems,” Joe Kaul,  Agru America

“Wildlife Disease and Why Proper Disposal is Important,” Hank Edwards,  WY G&F Wildlife Health Laboratory and “Pilot Study on DAW Options”   Panel:  Heather Overholser and UW Team – Delany Dent, Presleigh Hayashida and Rob Joyce

“Hiring – Do It Right From the Start,” Judi Just, LGLP

“Performance Evaluations Worth Doing,” Judi Just, LGLP

“Nature & Extent Lessons From Campbell County,” Brad Coleman, Burns & McDonnell

“Pilot Project Collecting Organics”   Panel:  Heather Overholser, Teton County; Jenny Boysen, Westbank; Jon Dyer, Grand Teton Lodge; Billy Madej, Signal Mountain Lodge

“Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Drones”  Panel:  Trihydro-Dan Mummert & Mark Donner; Sitech-Joel Moen; Compass Drones-Dave Siddle

“What the ?*!! Was That? Recent Recycling Markets Explained,”  Beau Peck, Interwest Paper

“DEQ Update” ISWMP 10 Year update & Financial Assurance Update (WY §35-11-532)

“Positive, Productive Stakeholder Meetings” – Lisa Skumatz, SERA