The Recycling Task Force (RTF) began efforts in December 2012 to enhance the organization, visibility, and mission of the RTF. As a result, four subcommittees were formed to begin the work of expanding recycling and waste diversion within the state. The goals were presented at the 2013 Annual Conference held in Powell, WY.

To achieve that goal, monthly conference calls are being held to identify tasks and create work plans. The four subcommittees are:

  • Organization-Structure; Chair: Linda Roosa
  • Regional-State MRF and Materials Infrastructure; Chair: Aaron Kania
  • State-wide Waste Diversion Promotion/Resource Sharing; Chair: Dawn Willhelm
  • State Policy and Legislation; Chair: Michael Foote


For more information you can contact on of the RTF’s Co-chairs: Dennis Pino (phone 307-637-6440, email, City of Cheyenne or Michael Foote (phone 307-686-5228, email, City of Gillette.