Keynote Speaker

*Preethi Fernando

“Leadership Influence”
Key Note Speaking Info

Doug DeCesare, HDR- “Expiring Solid Waste Disposal Systems and Planning the Next Generation of Solid Waste Management”
Steven Menden/Morgan Wardell- “Solid Waste Business Planning/Setting Rates to Cover All Costs
Sara Hoovestol, Weaver Consultants Group- “Landfill Gas Migration
Brent Learch, HDR- “Capital Development and Fill Planning for Landfills
Bob Breuer, WDEQ Compliance Mgr & Cindie Langston, Casper Solid Waste Mgr- “CD Inspections & Acceptable CD Wastes
Myra Peak, Peak Environmental- “How to identify dishonest customers during waste screening”
Virginia Till, EPA Region 8- “Messaging for Behavior Change
Beau Peck, Interwest Paper, Inc.- “Recycling Market Updates
Myron Heny, Powell Valley Recyling- “Funding Mechanisms and Getting Through Tough Economic Times
Scott Simar, Prorecyclers- “New Technologies with Waste & Recycling Equipment
Hank Edwards, WY G&F Depart. & Andrew Frey, Fremont County Solid Waste Mgr- “CWD and Managing CWD carcasses
Mark Welch, Wyoming Machinery- “Waste Compaction Best Practices”
WDEQ Updates